Student - Teacher Communications

Students are expected to attend their online classes from 8am - 2pm every school day.  Students choose how to best use their time among their classes.  This allows them to work at their own pace.  Students are required to stay current on all classes and ask for help when needed.  Students are encouraged to talk with teachers in the virtual classroom from 8am - 2pm every day through instant video or instat audio that is provided.  If students choose to continue to work beyond these hours, they can email their teachers with questions and will be contacted the following school day.

Parent - Teacher Communications

Parents are expected to provide an environment at home that encourages their student's online success by asking their child to share their successes or challenges that they have in their classes.  Parents are provided an online account that allows them to see their student's classes and progress.  Parents are also provided instant access to grades for all assignments in every class.  Parents are encouraged to call or email the teachers during the school day or make arrangements to call or meet the teacher after the virtual classroom day to discuss their child's progress.